Liezel van Beek is an artist, coach and entrepreneur from South Africa, currently living in The Netherlands. After her studies in journalism and psychology, she spent seven years in Asia where she started various successful businesses. Before moving to Europe, Liezel studied art at The Stellenbosch Atelier under Vivian van der Merwe and Fiona Metcalfe. Her primary media include digital photography, print-making and oil painting. In her art, as well as in her coaching, Liezel is interested in revealing potential, and the myriad ways in which beauty and opportunity can be found in the mundane. 

“I have a sense of something, through memory or intuition, something that I know to be true, but can hardly put my finger on. I am reaching for a reality that I (re)create through the act of searching. My camera and the lines and letters that I draw with pen or brush are my companions on this expedition. Together we are mindful of signs hidden in plain sight. I ask questions and make notes, to see what patterns emerge. I play on a tight-rope between sensitive reflection and bold abandon. My work is to refine my ability to observe, feel and respond, and ultimately to connect.”